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Besides the Generation IV International Forum (GIF), which focuses on the medium-long term (> 2040), the European nuclear community, represented in the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform ( and its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) propose a vision for the short, medium and long-term where sodium technology plays a key role.

Anticipating these guidelines, under the aegis of the 6th framework programme, the Specific Support Action (SSA) named "Roadmap for a European Innovative SOdium cooled FAst Reactor – EISOFAR" aimed at enabling European stakeholders to define their specific R&D strategic objectives for a fourth generation European Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor (ESFR). The corresponding Roadmap has the ambition to be a key component of the SRA which addresses the needs for R&D as well as technology demonstration (at the pre-competitive stage).

The large integrated Collaborative Project on European Sodium Fast Reactor (CP-ESFR) logically follows this action by further identifying, organising and implementing a significant part of the needed R&D effort. CP-ESFR is co-funded under the Euratom 7th Framework Programme, and groups 25 partners from throughout Europe, with a total budget of nearly 12 million euros.

Project Coordinator
Alfredo VASILE
Tel: +33 (0)442 254 593

Project Management Support
Tel: +33 (0)442 253 272

EC Project Officer
Tel: +32 2299 2496