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Fast Reactors have a unique capability as sustainable energy source; the closed fuel cycle allows significantly improving the usage of natural resources and the minimisation of volume and heat load of highlevel waste. Among the fast reactor systems, the sodium-cooled fast reactor has the most comprehensive technological basis, thanks to the experience gained internationally from operating experimental, prototyabréviationpe and commercial size reactors.

The proposal for a large integrated Collaborative Project on European Sodium Fast Reactor (CP-ESFR), which merges the contribution of 25 european partners, follows the 6th FP Specific Support Action (SSA) named "Roadmap for a European Innovative SOdium cooled FAst Reactor – EISOFAR" further identifying, organizing and implementing a significant part of the needed R&D effort. The project is proposed to be realized under the aegis of the 7th FP to answer the EURATOM Work programme 2008 for the topic Innovative Reactor Systems-Advanced Nuclear Systems.

The CP-ESFR has the ambition to contribute establishing a "sound scientific and technical basis for the European Sodium fast Reactor in order to accelerate practical developments for the safe management of long-lived radioactive waste, to enhance the safety performance, resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness of nuclear energy and to ensure a robust and socially acceptable system of protection of man and the environment against the effects of ionising radiation."

Besides, it has to be pointed out that the ambition of the CP-ESFR is broader than the one defined the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) for, coherently with the EISOFAR Roadmap, it takes into account the European specificities.
Project Coordinator
Alfredo VASILE
Tel: +33 (0)442 254 593

Project Management Support
Tel: +33 (0)442 253 272

EC Project Officer
Tel: +32 2299 2496